Is Cruise Ship Art Worth It For Long-Term Value?

Cruise ship art is not worth it. If you do not have experience, you will pay more than the true worth of the artwork. It is also difficult to do your due diligence without internet access at sea. So, never buy artwork on a cruise ship as an investment.

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What are art auctions on cruise ships?

Here is a brief overview of what happens in an art auction on cruise ships:

  • Unlike art auctions on the land, you will get complimentary champagne or wine.
  • The auctioneer will give a brief introduction to the auction.
  • You will soon find that none of the paintings put up in the auction are unique paintings.
  • Most of the artists on cruise ships are unknown.
  • Some are reproductions of original paintings. They are available in limited quantities with the signature of the artist.
  • There are also graphic prints with the artist’s brushstrokes over it.
  • Besides paintings, there may be animations, lithographs, engravings, woodwork, etc.
  • The auctioneer may entice you to place bids by offering discounts.
  • If you win, you may not get the same painting displayed at the auction. They will ship you another copy later.
  • The art sold on cruise ships is a way of extra income for the art galleries and cruise ships. Most cruise lines partner with art galleries on land. Park West Gallery is a prominent name for art auctions held on most cruise ships.

Is buying art on a cruise a good idea?

No, buying art on a cruise is not a good idea, because –

  • You cannot buy artwork as an investment. An original painting and a touch of brushwork over a lithographic print are not the same thing.
  • You may not have heard about the artists featured.
  • It is difficult to do due diligence without internet access at sea.
  • There are no consumer protection laws on international waters.

What to check before buying a cruise ship art?

Before buying a cruise ship art, you should check that –

  • You are not buying a mass-produced artwork of an artist who has died.
  • You know the works of the artist you are buying.
  • Never go with the appraisal of the auctioneer.
  • Never buy an artwork as an investment. Buy it, if you must, as a showpiece only.

Tips to determine whether cruise ship art is worth it or not

The true worth of a cruise ship art is the price you want to pay for it.

An art collector does not usually buy artwork on a cruise ship.

Due diligence is very important before investing in a masterpiece.

You cannot check attribution, historical files, etc. on a cruise in the middle of the ocean.

So, if you like the art on a cruise and have the budget, buy it.

If not, here are my tips to know whether cruise ship art is worth it for you:

  • Look at the artwork and see whether you like it.
  • If you like it, decide how you will use it. Will you hang it on the wall?
  • Decide how much you would pay for it at a souvenir shop.
  • Do not get influenced by the auctioneer’s sales talk.
  • If you decide to buy it, know the terms of delivery, returns, shipping, handling, etc.
  • Never buy the artwork as an investment.

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