Frequently Asked Questions

What is the mission of Turn Vacations?

Our mission at Turn Vacations is to help plan family cruises and make them fun and stress-free.

Who runs this website?

Tully Seal is the founder, writer, and editor of this website. She is an avid cruiser and a mother of a teenage boy.

What are your writer’s credentials and experience with family cruises?

All our writers have first-hand experience in cruising. The editor of this website, Tully Seal, holds a BA degree in Hospitality Management from the UK. She has over 4 years of professional experience in travel and cruising.

What topics do you cover?

Our articles cover cruise trips from the United States of America. We write articles on cruise deals, booking, packing, amenities, and excursions.

What criteria do you use to select and feature articles on your website?

We write articles with first-time cruisers in mind. Our articles will help those seeking the most value within a limited budget.

Who do I contact if I have questions about your site or its content?

You can contact us through email at [email protected].

How does your site make money?

We earn from display advertisements, affiliate products, and selling our proprietary products.

Do you accept guest articles, story ideas, news, etc.?

We do not currently accept guest posts.

Do you have a media kit?

Yes; you can find our media kit here.

How do I subscribe to your newsletter?

Click here to subscribe to our newsletter. You will also get a Free copy of the “Twenty Cruise Hacks” ebook when you subscribe.