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Tully Seal

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Bio of the Founder

  • Born: June, 1975.
  • Education: BA (Hospitality Management) from Robert Gordon University, UK.
  • Work Experience: 4 years in various positions in large hotel chains in Asia.
  • Hobbies: Traveling, cruising, cooking and making friends.

Short Description

Turn Vacations is a website dedicated to planning a family cruise vacation. It has articles on planning, booking, and enjoying the amenities on a cruise ship. The content of the website is especially suitable for first-time cruisers.

Long Description

Founded by Tully Seal, a hotel management graduate in her 40s, Turn Vacations is a young website. Tully was in close touch with leading hotel chains in her 4-years career in the travel industry. Traveling has always been her passion. But it was on her first cruise in South East Asia, that she realized how hard it is to plan a cruise holiday. She realized that going on a cruise is not easy. Terms like “staterooms” and “gratuity” can be very confusing. So, the idea of creating a website to help first-time cruisers was born. Turn Vacations strives to make planning a family cruise holiday easy and enjoyable. The website has answers to various queries that a first-time cruiser may have. Turn Vacations even offers a free consultation on the site. Cruisers can also buy the Cruise Journal from her site. It is a proprietary product to keep track of cruise trips and make them memorable.

Turn Vacation Stats

Launch Date

February 01, 2023

Founder & Editor

Tully Seal




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