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Cruise Journal
Cruise Journal 1

Cruise Journal is a travel planner, especially for cruising. It is one of the most important cruise accessories that can be used to keep all the important informations about the entire cruise trip at fingertips.

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Trip Information

Keep all the details of your trip, from flights to hotels, in one place.

Cruise Information

Keep all important information about your cruise trip at your fingertips.

Emergency Contacts

You do not need to worry about whom to contact during emergencies.

Packing Checklist

You will never forget to pack the things that you need the most.


Keep your spending in check and never be surprised by a huge bill.


Track your expenses; especially useful when traveling with friends.


Enjoy the best activities that the cruise has to offer.


Record the best time of your life through your own eyes.


Cherish the memories of the cruise throughout your life.

Cruise Journal

Cruise Journal

Your All-In-One Travel Planner from Turn Vacations