Can You Buy Cigarettes On A Cruise Ship? Onboard Availability

Yes, you can buy cigarettes on a cruise ship. You can buy them from the duty-free shops on-board. Or, you may buy them from specific bars where they allow smoking. But they sell them after the ship is in international waters.

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Availability of cigarettes on cruise lines

On Norwegian cruise ships, cigarettes are available at their duty-free shops. But, smoking is only allowed in the designated areas on the ship. You cannot smoke in the staterooms and balconies. Violating the smoking policy may result in a $250 cleaning fee.

Royal Caribbean also has duty-free shops selling cigarettes. They may hold the purchased cigarettes until the final day of your voyage.

You can buy a pack of cigarettes on Carnival Cruise and other cruise lines.

What are the prices of cigarettes on cruises?

The prices of cigarettes on cruises vary from one cruise line to another.

It also varies as per the itinerary.

But, you will get to buy the cigarettes at cheaper prices on-board, as they are available duty-free.

Can you take home the cigarettes purchased on a cruise?

You can buy as many cartons of cigarettes as you want on a cruise ship. And you can also take them home.

But you may have to pay a duty if you exceed the limit imposed in your country.

For example, in the US you need not pay duties for up to 200 cigarettes and 100 cigars.

Some cruise lines may hold the cigarettes until the final day of the cruise, while some don’t.

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