Tuxedo Rental: Direct Delivery On Cruise Ships

You cannot rent a tuxedo on any major cruise line.

man standing on the deck of a cruise ship wearing a tuxedo.

Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Celebrity, Disney, Princess, etc. have stopped their tuxedo rental services.

This is likely due to declining demand.

But you can have a tuxedo delivered to your cruise ship.

You can choose from Men’s Wearhouse, Rose Tuxedo, Tux Club, and National Tuxedo Rentals.

Facts to know if you want to rent a tuxedo on a cruise ship

Here are the points you must keep in mind about renting a tuxedo on a cruise:

  • Formal nights are still held on longer cruises. But dress code requirements have relaxed over time.
  • Wearing a tuxedo is not mandatory to attend the formal nights on cruises anymore. It is now considered optional across cruise lines.
  • The emphasis is on looking elegant. Dark suits, dress pants, designer jeans, and cocktail dresses are generally acceptable.
  • If you want to wear a tuxedo on a cruise, order a rental service from national chains before the cruise. You can have it delivered to your home or at the cruise departure port.

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