Can You Use WiFi Calling On A Cruise Ship? Avoid Dead Spots

Yes, you can use WiFi calling on a cruise ship. To make voice and video calls through Wi-Fi on a cruise you have to buy a Wi-Fi package from the cruise line. You must buy a Wi-Fi package that allows streaming data so that you can call anyone through the internet.

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How can you use the ship’s Wi-Fi to call and text?

To use the ship’s Wi-Fi to call and text you must buy a Wi-Fi package from the cruise ship.

For example, Royal Caribbean cruise ships have a Wi-Fi network called “Voom”.

You can buy a plan from them to make voice and video calls.

Carnival has three internet packages. These are the Social Wi-Fi plan, Value-Wi-Fi plan, and Premium Wi-Fi plan.

After buying one of the Wi-Fi packages you can use any messaging app to call.

Messaging apps like Skype, WhatsApp, Signal, etc. work on all cruise ships.

You can also use the cruise ship’s app to text other passengers on the ship.

It may or may not be free depending on the the cruise line.

How to make a WiFi call on a cruise ship for free?

There are two ways you can call on a cruise for free.

  • Promotions: A cruise ship may offer Wi-Fi for free to get more customers. So, at the time of booking a cruise keep an eye on whether the cruise line is running such promotions.
  • Onboard Credit: You may get onboard credits through loyalty programs and upgrades. You can use it to buy a Wi-Fi package.

Tips on Wi-Fi calling on a cruise ship

Here is how I use Wi-Fi calling on a cruise ship:

  • I never buy any roaming packages as they are super costly.
  • I always turn on the Airplane mode before embarking on a cruise ship. This helps me to avoid connecting to the ship’s cellular service automatically.
  • I always check for promotional offers, such as free Wi-Fi packages at the time of booking the cruise. It is much cheaper than buying onboard.
  • If I need to buy an internet package for emails, I buy it at the time of booking the cruise itself.
  • As I travel a lot on cruise ships, I sometimes get onboard credit based on the loyalty program of the cruise lines.
  • I use the cruise line’s app to text other members of my group on the cruise if it’s free.

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