Cost To Live On A Cruise Ship Permanently On Retiring

It will cost around $199,000 for a couple to live on a cruise ship for a year.

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The average cost to retire on a cruise ship for a single person is around $90000 a year.

You can also go on a cruise for 3 years on Life At Sea starting at $38,513 per year.

The World, Storyline, and Blue World Residences offer apartments for a lifetime. They are also available on a quarterly, sharing, and lease basis.

Facts on residential cruise ship apartments

Residential cruise ship apartments are available for lifetime, quarterly, co-sharing, and long-term lease.

If you divide your time between land and sea, you can also rent out the apartment for the period you don’t use it.

So, instead of buying them, you can also have residential cruise ship apartments for rent.

Here is a list of apartments for sale on a cruise ship:

Cruise LineSize of ApartmentStarting Price
Storylines237 sq. ft. Flexible Space$625,000
Storylines334 sq. ft. Entry Level Balcony$1,600,000
Storylines377 sq. ft. 1 Bedroom$1,900,000
Storylines538 sq. ft. 1 Bedroom$2,700,000
Storylines721 sq. ft. 1 – 2 Bedroom$4,000,000
Storylines904 sq. ft. 1 bedroom$4,600,000
Storylines1076 sq. ft. 2 Bedrooms$5,300,000
Storylines1195 sq. ft. 2 Bedrooms$6,000,000
Storylines1270 sq. ft. 2 Bedrooms$6,300,000
Storylines1378 – 1970 sq. ft. 2-4 Bedrooms$7,900,000
Storylines1432 sq. ft. 3 Bedrooms$7,600,000
The World290-846 sq. ft. Single RoomNot Available
The World580-888 sq. ft. 2 BedroomsNot Available
The World1106-1391 sq. ft. 2 BedroomsNot Available
The World1666-3242 sq. ft. 3 BedroomsNot Available
The World290-846 sq. ft. Single RoomNot Available
Blue World Residences850 sq. ft. 1 Bedroom$2,470,000
Blue World Residences1200 sq. ft. 2 Bedrooms Split-Level$3,520,000

Key points to know when deciding to live on a cruise ship permanently

  • The cruise lifestyle is different from land-based living.
  • Check your finances, housing, work, family, and health before making the final decision.
  • Anyone can live on a cruise ship permanently, but there is a vetting process.
  • Remote work or retirement is best suited if you plan to live on a cruise ship.
  • Limited medical facilities may be an issue.
  • Living costs are generally higher on cruises than living on land.
  • You have to pay monthly fees covering food, amenities, and taxes. This is exclusive of the cost of the apartment.
  • Residents vote on the itineraries years in advance.

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