Are There TVs On Cruise Ships? Streaming Tips Aboard

There are TVs on cruise ships which are smart TVs. But, you cannot use your personal devices on any of them. The input ports do not work. You can watch some satellite and private channels only.

do cruise ships have smart tvs

There are channels for news, sports, and movies. There may also be live coverage of games on some cruise ships.

What kind of TV is there on a cruise?

Most cruise ships have 32” smart flatscreen TVs.

The reception of the satellite channels is generally good.

But external interference may sometimes disrupt getting clear signals.

What are the channels available on a cruise ship TV?

The channels available on a cruise ship TV are satellite channels and their own private ones.

You can watch FOX News, BBC World News, Sky News, ESPN, etc.

But, the availability of the channels depends on the location of the ship and the licenses they have.

Most cruise ships have their own movie channels too that are either free to watch or pay-per-view.

There are also private channels on the cruise itinerary, safety, shopping, etc.

Can you watch live TV on a cruise ship?

Yes, you can watch live TV on some cruise ships, if they have a license to broadcast.

Can you use streaming apps on the TV of a cruise ship?

You can use streaming apps on the TV of a cruise ship if you buy an internet connection.

This is because streaming apps need the internet to work.

But remember that the cost of an internet connection is very high on cruise ships.

Some cruise lines may also block video and music streaming services like Netflix.

Also, keep in mind that attaching your own devices to the TV is also not allowed.

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