Do I Need a Power Converter on a Cruise Ship? Expert Advice.

If you need to charge more than two devices on your cruise ship you need a power converter.

do i need a power converter on a cruise ship

The reason is that most cruise lines have only two power outlets in staterooms. So, if you have many devices to charge, you will have a problem.

You can also bring a multi-plug travel adapter or a power bank.

But power strips with surge protection are not allowed.

Why can’t you bring a surge protector on a cruise?

You cannot bring a surge protector on a cruise ship because they are fire hazards.

Electrical wiring is very different on cruise ships.

Surge protectors can cause damage to the electrical system of the cruise ship.

Are extension cords allowed on cruise ships?

Extension cords are generally not allowed on cruise ships.

But some cruise lines may allow them if they do not have surge protection.

To be safe, do not bring them as it will be difficult to find out whether it has surge protection or not.

Do cruise ships have regular electrical outlets?

Cruise ships have regular electrical outlets conforming to US and European standards.

Most staterooms have 3-prong outlets, except for the bathroom.

This means you can use standard US or European plugs on a cruise ship.

Tips on charging your devices

Here are my tips based on my experiences on cruise ships:

  • To charge your phone on a cruise ship, use your phone’s power adapter.
  • If you have to charge more than one device, opt for a multi-plug travel adapter or a power bank.
  • Ensure that your travel adapter does not have surge protection.
  • You can bring a portable charger like a power bank on a cruise. But it should not have surge protection.
  • Some power adapters in the market claim to be suitable for cruise ships. But read the reviews before buying them to ensure their compatibility and quality.

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