Do Cruise Ship TVs Have HDMI? A Tech-Savvy Cruiser’s Guide.

On a cruise ship, all staterooms have TVs with HDMI.

do cruise ship tvs have hdmi

But as the TV is too close to the wall, it will be difficult for you to plug in your device.

And the HDMI will not work if there are devices attached already to the TV.

How to use HDMI on a cruise ship?

Here is how you can attach your devices to the TV in your stateroom:

  • First, get permission to connect your HDMI device from the cabin attendant. They may allow it if you do not cause any damage to the TV or the TV unit.
  • Check that the TV is not too close to the wall so that you can reach the HDMI port.
  • If another device is already connected to one of the ports, unplug it.
  • Now, plug your HDMI cable into the HDMI port.
  • Then plug the other end of the HDMI cable into your device.
  • Press the Menu button on your TV remote or a universal remote.
  • Use the Up/Down arrows to select HDMI and view device content on TV.

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