Do Cruise Ship Rooms Have Refrigerators? Mini Bar Space Hacks

Cruise ships have mini bars that are good for only keeping beverages cool. But interior staterooms may not have them at all.

do cruise ship rooms have refrigerators

Mini bars are not as cool as refrigerators. Hence you cannot store medicines or food items in them.

The mini bars are generally stocked with snacks, soft drinks, and alcohol on some cruise lines. But they are not free.

Disadvantages of mini bars on cruise ships

You cannot store everything inside a mini bar.

They have the following disadvantages:

  • They have much less storage space than normal refrigerators.
  • They do not have temperature control or a thermostat.
  • The temperature of a mini bar is not suitable for storing food items or medicines.

How do you keep things cooler on cruise ships?

If you have a mini bar in your stateroom, here are my suggestions on how to use it to your advantage:

  • Request your cabin attendant for ice and keep it in the mini bar in a zipped bag. Your items will stay cooler for a long time.
  • Keep beverages in ice tumblers inside the mini bar.
  • Do not open the doors of the mini bars often.
  • Check that the mini bar cabinet is well-ventilated.
  • Carry a backpack cooler on your trip.

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