Do Cruise Ships Have Irons And Ironing Boards? Smart Hacks

Cruise ships do not have irons or ironing boards in the staterooms. Carrying irons onboard is also not allowed as they are a fire hazard. They are only available in the launderettes of a cruise ship.

do cruise ship rooms have irons

But why do cruise ships have irons only in the launderettes? It is because they know that it is an essential item for the guests.

Ironing facilities on cruise ships

Here are the ironing policies of some cruise lines:

  • Royal Caribbean does not have in-room irons because of safety reasons. They offer laundry services and “wash and fold specials”.
  • Carnival does not have in-room irons. They have self-service launderettes on some ships and valet laundry services.
  • Norwegian Cruise Line does not have in-room irons but can lend them out for a few hours. They offer laundry and dry cleaning services.
  • Princess Cruise ships have irons available in the self-service launderettes. Suite guests and Elite Captain’s Circle members get complimentary laundry.
  • Celebrity Cruise ships do not have irons available for guests. You can get only laundry services.

How do you get wrinkles out of clothes on a cruise?

  • Check if the cruise ship offers complimentary laundry service, especially for select guests.
  • You may also inquire with the housekeeping staff to request an iron for a few hours.
  • Some large cruise ships have self-service launderettes on each deck. You can access washers, dryers, detergents, and irons for a nominal fee.
  • Consider purchasing the laundry service. The charges for laundry services vary from one cruise ship to another. So it may be a convenient option, depending on your needs and budget.


Here are some hacks for ironing onboard, if nothing works for you:

  • Try and pack clothes made from materials that are not prone to wrinkles. For example, polyester.
  • Buy a wrinkle-release spray.
  • Press your clothes and put them in clothing bags. These bags help to keep your clothes organized in your suitcase.
  • Try and pack the firmer clothes between the softer ones to keep them from getting wrinkled. For example, you can wrap your soft dress or tops around your jeans.
  • Hair Straighteners or a curling iron on a cruise ship is not on the prohibited list. You can straighten wrinkles on small areas with these.
  • You can try and fill the bathroom with steam from the hot shower and hang your clothes on the clothing line. It may smoothen out the wrinkles.

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