Can You Parasail Off A Cruise Ship Safely With Your Family?

You can parasail off a cruise ship if the port provides the facilities for this activity.

can you parasail off a cruise ship

Parasailing activity is not provided on the cruise ship. Although parasailing accidents are not common they do happen. But it is safe for the families.

How to book parasailing off a cruise ship?

You can book the activity in two ways:

  • You can buy a parasailing activity as part of a shore excursion package from the cruise line. You can book the activity through the cruise line’s website or once you’re onboard the ship.
  • You may buy a parasailing package from a tour operator at a port too.

Can kids in the family do it?

Parasailing excursions have age restrictions for participants.

The cruise line or the tour operator will inform you of their policy at the time of booking.

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