Security On Cruise Ships For Families [The Truth]

There are former federal, state, and military officers on the security team of a cruise ship. It consists of security guards, security supervisors, and security officers. All public areas of a cruise ship have video surveillance cameras.

Security officer in front of CCTV and talking on the phone.

Facts about security on cruise ships

Security protocols are more or less the same on all cruise ships.

For the safety of their guests, all cruise ships have:

Security personnel

A cruise ship’s security team consists of security guards, supervisors, and officers.

The higher-ranking officers may be former federal, state, and military law enforcement officials.

They are on alert 24/7 and they have training on crime prevention, detection, and reporting.

Security checkpoints

There are security checkpoints for boarding the ship.

All passengers, crew, and baggage must pass these security checkpoints.

All passengers and crew boarding the cruise ship must be on the manifest.

And they should have their identity documents with them.

There should not be any prohibited items in the baggage either.

Cruise ships also have video surveillance cameras in all public areas.

Prohibited list of items

Guests and crew members are not allowed to have items prohibited by the cruise line.

The items on the prohibited list are those that may pose a threat to the ship’s security and smooth functioning.

Such items are weapons, drugs, flammable substances, etc.

Protocol for reporting crimes

All cruise ships have a policy to report crimes to the nearest country based on the ship’s location.

They investigate crimes themselves too.

Such investigations depend on the laws of the country of registration.

The home country of the victim also has the right to investigate the matter.

How many security guards are on a cruise ship?

Most cruise ships do not divulge information about their security guards.

That would jeopardize their security protocols.

Having said that I found that the Royal Caribbean security may consist of:

  • 20 security staff.
  • 3 Security Supervisors.
  • 2 Security Officers.
  • 1 Deputy Security Officer.
  • 1 Chief Security Officer.

Cruise ship security and safety tips

So, is it safe to travel on cruise ships?

Yes, it is.

Here are my tips to remain safe during your cruise:

  • Do not carry any item listed under prohibited items on your cruise ship.
  • If you have any doubts, ask the cruise line beforehand.
  • Take a receipt for the items confiscated during boarding.
  • Listen to all the instructions given during the muster drill.
  • Do not enter into a brawl with other guests.
  • Do not leave your keycard on a dining table or in public areas of the cruise ship.
  • Do not invite other guests to your stateroom.
  • Keep all valuables in your stateroom locker.
  • Report crimes committed upon you to the cruise security immediately.

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