Can You Carry A Gun On A Cruise Ship? Your Rights

You cannot carry a gun on a cruise ship. It does not matter whether you have or don’t have a concealed carry permit. Besides real guns, replicas are also not allowed on cruise ships. Retired law enforcement personnel are also not allowed to carry their guns.

two guards at cruise terminal checking the luggage of a person.

What are the formalities for carrying guns on cruises?

There are no formalities specified by any cruise lines for carrying guns onboard.

It is because every cruise line has guns or such weapons listed in their prohibited items list.

Why can’t you carry guns on cruise ships?

You cannot carry guns on cruise ships because cruise ships do not want anyone to get injured.

They also do not want to deal with criminal situations like hostages, burglary, etc.

Cruise lines do not want to deal with the different firearm laws of each port too.

So, every cruise line has a strict policy of not allowing guns to cut risks for everybody onboard.

What is the US law for carrying guns on cruise ships?

There are various firearm laws in the US.

But, cruise ships need not follow any of them because they ban carrying weapons of any kind on their ships.

They also need not follow US laws as they operate under maritime laws.

Maritime laws come into effect when the ship is in international waters.

International waters is a territory that is 12 nautical miles away from the shores.

But the cruise ship also has to follow the laws of its registered country.

Enforcing US laws on cruise ships depends on various factors such as:

  • Location of the ship.
  • Citizenship of the perpetrator or victim.
  • Cruise line operating the ship.
  • Location of the ports of embarkation and debarkation.
  • The country of registration of the ship.

If a cruise ship meets these criteria, then Section 7 of Title 18 of the U.S. Code comes into effect. 

What will happen if you carry a gun on a cruise ship?

If you carry a gun on a cruise ship you will face serious consequences for violating:

  • Maritime laws.
  • Local port laws.
  • The cruise ship’s guidelines.

So, the cruise line may report the matter to the authorities and take legal action against you.

Under what circumstances can you carry a gun on a cruise?

You cannot carry a gun on a cruise ship under any circumstances.

Can police officers carry guns on cruise ships?

No, police officers cannot carry guns on cruise ships, whether active or retired.

They are also not exempted by the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act (LEOSA).

Do cruise ships have metal detectors?

Yes, cruise ships have metal detectors to check every passenger during embarkation.


Do cruise ships check your carry-on?

Yes, cruise ships check your carry-on luggage before you embark.

Do cruise ships have snipers?

Cruise ships sailing in pirate zones may have snipers onboard.

Can I bring a squirt gun on a cruise ship?

No, you cannot bring a squirt gun on a cruise ship. Guns, whether real or replicas are strictly prohibited.

Do cruise ships have jails?

Some cruise ships have jails or “brigs”.

Tips about carrying guns on a cruise ship

Here are the points you should keep in mind if you want to carry a gun on a cruise ship.

  • Carrying guns is not permitted on any cruise ship.
  • You cannot carry replicas and toy guns.
  • You cannot carry a gun on a cruise even if you are an active or retired law enforcement officer.
  • If you break the rule, the cruise line may take legal action against you. You will violate the laws of the port, maritime laws, and the cruise line’s own guidelines.
  • Cruise lines use various non-lethal weapons for protection against pirates.
  • Cruise lines do not seem to have guns onboard. But even if they do, they do not disclose it.
  • Cruise lines do have security personnel onboard.
  • Some cruise lines have jails for serious offenders.

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