Can You Vape On A Cruise Ship? Find the right locations

You cannot vape on a cruise ship stateroom or on balconies on most cruise lines. But you can vape in the designated smoking areas. Rules related to vaping on a cruise ship are almost the same across all cruises barring a few.

can you have a vape on a cruise ship

Vapes having marijuana, cannabis, and other such weeds are not allowed on any cruise ship. You also cannot take medical vape pens on a cruise ship.

What are the safest places to vape on a cruise ship?

The safest places to vape on a cruise ship are those that have “Smoking Area” or similar signs.

These can be smoking lounges, casinos, bars, upper decks, etc.

You cannot vape on a cruise ship balcony on any cruise ship except Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines.

Always ask the shipping personnel as the policies vary from one cruise line to another.

Is there a fine for vaping on a cruise?

Yes, you have to pay a fine for vaping in non-smoking areas on a cruise.

The fines range between $250 to $500 on most major cruise lines.

Here is a table of the fines charged by some cruise lines:

Cruise LineVape Allowed?Fine for Non-Compliance
Royal CaribbeanYes$250
Carnival CruiseYes$500
Norwegian CruiseYes$250
P&O CruisesYesNot Available

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