Can You Sleep On The Balcony Of A Cruise Ship? (For Love)

There are no rules against sleeping on the cruise ship balcony. You can sleep there either in the day or night. But do not carry your mattress. It will cause damage to the cruise property.

balcony of a cruise ship

Is sleeping on a cruise ship balcony safe?

Sleeping on a cruise ship balcony is safe for most people unless you have a sleep-walking habit.

But, you may get disturbed by the noises outside. There may be people on the deck above or below your stateroom.

Tips for sleeping on the balcony of a cruise ship

Here are my tips for sleeping on the balcony of a cruise ship:

  • The chairs on the balcony of a cruise ship are not suitable for sleeping. So, unless you want to, don’t sleep on the chairs.
  • Make a makeshift bed on the floor. Do not use mattresses and pillows in the stateroom as they may get soiled.
  • Try and sleep at night because there will be no sun and less humidity. You will also enjoy the cool breeze at night.
  • You may hear noises coming from the decks and other staterooms. So use an ear plug.
  • Do not get naked, have sex, or sunbathe on a cruise ship balcony for privacy concerns.
  • Do not keep the doors of the balcony open. The humidity outside will damage the air conditioning system.
  • Check that the balcony door locks are working. Passengers getting locked out due to faulty door locks is quite common.

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