Tips on Making Friends And Hooking Up On A Cruise

Hooking up on a cruise is possible but you have to meet like-minded people first.

can you hook up on a cruise ship

To find someone with the same frame of mind you have to choose the right cruise line.

Then you have to join the right cruise events on the ship.

Hooking up with cruise staff

One thing you must be aware of is that cruise staff are not allowed to hook up with passengers.

If they do, punishments can be from wage cuts and going up to dropping them off at the next port.

They are there to help you enjoy yourself but do not approach them with such favors.

They would never risk their job and will definitely turn them down.

There are exceptions but do not count on them.

Cruise Ship Secrets for Meeting People

Here are some insider secrets if you are looking for romantic relationships on a cruise ship:

  • Single Cabins. On certain cruise lines, you can find single cabins designed for solo travelers. These cruises often host parties and events for those traveling alone. So keep an eye on these types of cruise lines.
  • Cruise-Organized Events. Watch out for events such as LGBTQ meetups and themed parties onboard. Participating can be a great way to connect with like-minded individuals.
  • Adult Areas. Some cruise ships have designated areas for adults. These are also good places for finding friends.

Also, look out for some subtle codes that other people may use to signal their interests such as:

  • Upside-Down Pineapples. This means that they are open to swinging or “wife swapping.” You may find these signs on the doors or on clothing.
  • Black Rings. A black ring on the right-hand signals that he or she is looking for a good time and is open to making new connections.
  • Pink Unicorns and Pink Flamingoes. This is the same as upside-down pineapples. But displaying both means a strong indicator of their interest in “swinging” fun.

How to hook up on a cruise ship?

Having secret codes on doors and clothes is a good signal for hooking up, but it’s very hard to find these on cruise ships.

I have come across several people saying that these signals are actually myths.

So, here are my recommended ways to hook up on a cruise ship:

1. Choose the right cruise

  • Start by selecting the most suitable cruise for your preferences.
  • Look for theme cruises offered by various cruise lines.
  • Opt for cruises with themes like “adults only,” “couples,” or “swingers.”
  • Theme cruises create opportunities to meet like-minded individuals.

2. Choose the right events on a cruise ship

  • You will have more chances of meeting like-minded people at events than at the gym, casino, and bars.
  • Parties and social events tend to have a higher chance of sparking romantic interest.
  • Look out for events such as meetups, music nights, dancing sessions, and theme nights.

3. Download a dating app

  • Take advantage of dating apps designed for cruise ships.
  • Register on these apps and explore their directories to find potential matches.
  • Start conversations with fellow cruisers before, during, and after your cruise vacation.

Best cruises for hooking up – 2024

If you are a single or a couple looking for hookups, then you can find your dream vacation on these cruise lines –

  • Temptation Cruises
  • Cruise Bare
  • Bliss Cruise
  • Desire Cruises
  • P&O Cruises

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