Can You Play Pokemon Go On A Cruise Ship? Pros and Cons.

You can play Pokemon Go on a cruise ship but you have to buy an internet plan first.

can you play pokemon go on a cruise ship

Even if you buy an internet plan, you may not find Pok├ęStops and Gyms when the ship is on the high seas.

Catching Pokemons when you are traveling to remote locations may be difficult too.

It is also hard to get any wild ones on the water.

They may appear for a short time when the cruise ship is moving.

Another thing you should keep in mind is that you will not find spawn zones on a cruise ship.

You will find them only when the ship docks.

Do cruise ships have Pokemon Go stops?

No, you will not find any Pokemon Go stops on any US cruise ships.

Pokemon Go stops are available on land only.

So, you will find them only when you land at the ports.

Can you get banned from the game while on cruise ships?

Yes, you may get banned if you are moving from one country to another within a short time span.

But, such bans usually last for a few hours only.

The best solution to play Pokemon Go on a cruise ship

Here are my suggestions if you want to play Pokemon Go on a cruise ship –

  • Use incense to catch Pokemon.
  • Wait for the ship to dock at a port to find rare Pokemon.
  • You can drop your trainer codes to get new friends.
  • Take advantage of free Wi-Fi at ports to avoid high onboard internet costs.
  • It is easier to find Pok├ęStops and gyms near the port compared to the high seas.

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