Can You Take Oxygen On A Cruise Ship? Essential Tips

Yes, you can but fill out the Special Needs form available on the website of the cruise line first. While onboarding, carry the oxygen machine by hand and contact the helpdesk.

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Policies on Oxygen for Major Cruise Lines

All cruise lines allow you to bring your oxygen equipment onboard. But you must inform them in advance to get approval.

For example, Carnival requires 2 weeks’ notice. Royal Caribbean and Holland America have accessibility forms to fill out.

The cruise lines do not provide oxygen rentals or oxygen concentrators. You must arrange the oxygen supply on your own.

On Royal Caribbean, you can bring compressed oxygen, liquid oxygen, or a concentrator.

Holland America only allows vendors like Scootaround or Special Needs at Sea.

Provide details on the oxygen equipment when submitting the forms.

After boarding, check in with guest services about oxygen needs.

Can you rent oxygen machines on cruise ships?

No, you cannot rent oxygen machines on cruise ships.

But you can rent them from a third party.

Inform the cruise ship about it beforehand.

While contacting the cruise ship, mention the following:

  • The name of the vendor.
  • The type of oxygen machine.
  • Its dimensions.
  • The quantity.

What should be your source of oxygen on cruise ships?

The source of oxygen on cruise ships should be a Portable Oxygen Concentrator or POC.

It is difficult to estimate the number of oxygen cylinders you need on a cruise ship.

So I do not suggest carrying them.

With a Portable Oxygen Concentrator, you will never run out of oxygen.

All you need is to keep the battery charged.

How much oxygen should you bring on cruise ships?

Consult your doctor about the quantity of oxygen you need for the duration of your cruise trip.

Confirm whether a Portable Oxygen Concentrator will work for you.

You need not worry about the quantity of oxygen with a Portable Oxygen Concentrator.

But bring at least two batteries, so that you can keep one always charged.

You can also plug the machine into the electrical outlet of the ship.

How should you transport the oxygen to the cruise ship?

To transport the oxygen to the cruise ship you can:

  • Do it yourself.
  • Contact a third-party vendor.

But before bringing them you must inform the cruise line and follow their guidelines.

If you are bringing the oxygen machine yourself, carry it by hand.

Do not put the device in your check-in luggage.

If you are bringing it through a third party, get permission from the cruise line first.

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