Can You Bring A Fan On A Cruise Ship? Approved Picks.

Cruise lines allow bringing only box or USB type of fans.

can you bring a fan on a cruise ship

Before you bring a fan on a cruise ship make sure that it has a label of certification mentioned on it. Based on the country of certification, the label may be UL or CE.

Some cruise ships will also check the fan for safety. After inspection, they may allow it for use or will hold it back. If they confiscate your fan, you will get it back on the day of debarkation.

Types of fans not suitable for cruise ships

You cannot bring:

  1. Battery-operated fans (due to the risk of fire).
  2. Non-portable fans.
  3. Fans without proper certification.

Fan policies on specific cruise lines

  1. Royal Caribbean Cruise: You can bring any fans that have UL or CE certification labels.
  2. Carnival Cruise: You can bring fans that are not more than 12 inches in diameter. You can also request a fan onboard.
  3. Disney Cruise: You can bring any fan but you can use it only after their Chief Electrician approves it.

Methods to get a fan from a cruise line

Instead of bringing your own fan, you can also request a fan from a cruise line like Carnival.

You will get either a pedestal-type or a box-type fan, based on what they have onboard.

You have to fill out a Special Needs form before embarkation as they have limited quantities.

All cruise lines have a Special Needs form on their website.

What is the best fan for a cruise cabin?

If you need good airflow, a box fan will be best for you.

But make sure that it is portable, has some sort of certification label, and is not a fire hazard.

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