Can You Take A Heating Pad On A Cruise? [3 Best Alternatives]

You cannot take a heating pad on a cruise as it is a fire hazard. But if it has an auto shut-off feature they may allow it. Apply for permission through email. Take it in its original packaging and contact the helpdesk before onboarding.

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What to do if you need a heating pad on a cruise?

Heating pads are on the prohibited list of all cruises as they have heating elements.

The heating elements may affect the electrical circuits of the cruise ship.

So, it is a fire hazard.

Even a doctor’s certificate will not help you to take your heating pad on a cruise ship.

The main concern for all cruise ships is the safety of all passengers.

But, some cruise lines may allow them if it has an auto shut-off feature.

It is not guaranteed to work, but you can try by requesting permission over email.

After you get a positive reply from their end, first pack the heating pad in its original packaging.

Then before boarding the cruise ship, get in touch with their helpdesk.

And do not forget to take a printout of their email.

What to do if you do not get permission to carry your heating pad?

Even if you have a heating pad with an auto shut-off feature, they may not allow you to carry it onboard.

In such a scenario, here are my suggestions:

1. Heat packs or patches

You can use a heat pack instead of a heating pad.

A heat pack works on chemicals instead of electricity.

So, cruise ships may allow them.

2. Bodywarmers

You can buy a body warmer that is a single-use air-activated heat pack.

As they do not work on electricity, cruise ships may allow them.

3. Hot water bags

Hot-water bags are a common accessory in many households.

They neither work on electricity nor have any chemicals in them.

So, cruise ships will not have problems with these.

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