Can You Bring Food On A Cruise? Rules For Snacks And Drinks

You can bring food in limited quantities on a cruise. It must be non-perishable, factory-sealed, and unopened. You cannot bring homemade pre-cooked food, alcohol, or beer.

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Cruise lines do not allow food and drinks in plastic bottles. But you can bring reusable water bottles if you want.

How much food can you bring on cruise ships?

  • You can bring one 750ml bottle of wine and champagne per person.
  • You can bring up to 12 cans of non-alcoholic beverages per person. The size of each can must be within 12 ounces.
  • You can bring food for someone with a food allergy.
  • You can bring food for the babies.

Is there a penalty for bringing unallowed foods on a cruise?

There is no penalty for bringing unallowed foods and drinks on a cruise.

But if you bring any prohibited items, they will confiscate them.

You will get it back on the debarkation day, except the alcoholic beverages.

They will also store all alcoholic beverages for you if you have purchased them from the ports.

Why do cruise lines restrict you from bringing food?

Cruise lines restrict you from bringing food because –

  • Different ports have different customs laws on what you can bring to that country.
  • Perishable items can breed pests.
  • Risk of contamination in the dining areas.
  • The food can cause discomfort to other passengers due to the smell.
  • The paid bars and restaurants can function as intended.

Tips on bringing food on a cruise

If you are planning to bring food on a cruise, here are my tips:

  • You can bring baby food for infants.
  • Do not bring home-cooked food.
  • Buy non-perishable items only.
  • Always check the expiry date when buying.
  • Keep the food items in their original sealed packaging.
  • Do not bring water or beverages in plastic bottles.
  • Buy beverages in cans of 12 ounces in size only. Each person can bring up to 12 cans.
  • Do not bring alcoholic beverages and beers.
  • You can bring 750 ml of wine or champagne if you like.
  • Consume the food and beverages bought at the ports before debarkation.

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